Bio-Pharm Production

High Purity Solutions specializes in precision orbital welding.

Orbital welding was first introduced in late 1960’s as a way to reduce the weight of hydraulic and fuel systems on commercial aircraft. 

Why Orbital Welding?

In the 1970’s, orbital welding began to be used for pharmaceutical water systems as a way to eliminate any contamination in areas where water may be retained for possible bacteria growth (as can happen with manual welding). 

Uses throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry

 Orbital welding is use throughout the Pharmaceutical Industry for:

  • Process lines
  • RO water delivery systems
  • CIP Skids
  • Clean Steam Systems
  • WFI Loops

Key advantages of orbital welding:

  • Extremely repeatable welds
  • Smaller heat-affected area (HAZ)
  • Elimination of defects including porosity and cracking
  • Smooth and even tube bore